The leading platform in foreign trade

What is SIDOM Global Trade?

It is the world-class platform for the most important foreign trade track & trace management in Argentina with strong expansion in the region. It has had nearly 90% of foreign trade projects in the last 3 years, more than 15 years of experience and a product location for the entire Southern Cone that includes Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia, and in continuous expansion.

It is the only 100% Cloud / SaaS platform in the market integrated with the main customs and the entire foreign trade ecosystem and the main ERP’s: SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, among others.


A unique product in the market

We tell you why:

• SIDOM is the only 100% Web / SaaS platform in the market

Audit cost and logistics performance

Integrated modules in only one license (Imports, Exports and Special Customs Regimes) and unlimited users, allowing the client to give access to the platform to all areas and service providers

Factory in house that allows more flexibility and speed of response to legal changes and new customs requirements. 100% cloud solution allowing a continuous evolution of the product

Automatic monitoring of operations (Imports, Exports and Special Customs Regimes) integrated with the main customs in the region

KPI’s for better decision-making from the operational and managerial level.

Santiago La Rosa Pedernera
Co-Founder and Commercial Director

Why choosing us?

Recurso 3

+40 Clients
in the last 3 years

Recurso 2

55% Market Share

Recurso 1

0% Clients turnover

Recurso 4

90% Projects won


Roadmap, Product and Company


Launch of SIDOM GT


ERP’S World Class integration


Location Paraguay and Chile


Location Uruguay, Bolivia, Brasil, Ecuador and Colombia


SIDOM Global Trade benefits

The solution used by leaders


We are the only platform integrated to MOA (AFIP) and other customs


Integration with different customs, the main world-class ERP´s and the entire comex ecosystem


100% localized solution to local legislation country by country


Extensive experience on foreign trade in Argentina and the region

Applied methodology

Expertise and Know How in Special Customs Regimes

Business intelligence

Solid and friendly business intelligence module of KPI's

Cloud / SaaS solution

Only truly Cloud / SaaS solution in the market, with an unlimited user licensing model


Better implementation performance time against other players since the tool has preloaded configurations


Automatic and real-time tracking of Shipments, SIMI, Expiration, temporary admission, Refunds, Guarantees, Taxes paid online, LNA, with the possibility of scheduling automatic report sending, being a proactive platform, eliminating manual charges, data entry and typos

Trained Consultants

Consultants trained in the platform, in integration with the different ERP’s and above all, in foreign trade

Return on investment

Generates better and faster Return on Investment (ROI) on projects

Our Foreign Trade Ecosystem


Some of our Clients

About us

Fernando Quiros

DNA Foreign Trade entrepreneur who founded Uniendo Mercados S.A. In addition to his role as CEO of the company, in recent years he has unleashed his passion for innovation and technology, turning to the R&D areas of the different business units of the SIDOM family of products. He has provided the technical team with his strong foreign trade expertise and strategic vision, which generate a key differential in understanding the market and its needs, as well as in the growth of the company in the last years.

Santiago La Rosa Pedernera
Co-founder and Commercial Director

He is Bachelor in Administration and Accountant at the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE). At the beginning of his career, he worked as accounting auditor at KPMG. In 2006 he joined the group with the startup of the software business unit.
With a strong commercial and strategic vision, he developed the pillars to position SIDOM GT as a leading foreign trade solution in Argentina with regional presence.

Matías martínez
Business director

In recent years, he had the opportunity to work with different global technology companies. He is an executive with extensive business background, expert in Alliances and Channels strategy, Market Development, Marketing and Communication.

With a deep knowledge of the Latin American market, he has driven businesses in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Uruguay, having also collaborated in Brazil. His fascination for start-ups led him to co-found a company in Panama where he developed his entrepreneurial character.

With more than 20 years of experience in the world of corporate business, he joined the team to drive the expansion and internationalization of the SIDOM GT platform.

Marcelo Milano
Executive Director

Professional with extensive experience in the financial industry focused in different business areas like commercial channels, segments and products. This also allowed him to develop leadership over collaborative work teams with a strong focus on results and to have a comprehensive and strategic approach to the business.Bachelor of Administration and Accountant from the UBA. He completed an MBA at UCEMA and at EADA (School of Senior Management and Administration) in the city of Barcelona, ​​as well as various courses at prestigious universities in Argentina, including the Diploma in Ontological Coaching. UTDT and the Fintech Executive Program. ITBA (2019).


Obsessed with technology and foreign trade, an executive with more than 30 years of experience, reaped great achievements that helped the evolution of foreign trade in Argentina. Before developing SIDOM in 2007, he was president of GDA S.A. and other companies, always closely linked to the inventiveness and revolution of foreign trade.

Since 2011, he has been one of the pillars of SIDOM’s uninterrupted growth, which became the first software system for foreign trade destinations and which later evolved as the leading foreign trade platform in Argentina with a strong expansion in the region.

His contributions allow us to continue launching a host of innovative products for foreign trade.

Pablo Cesar
Product Director

Always linked to technology, an executive with more than 20 years of experience in important systems development and foreign trade companies.

He has had several leadership positions throughout his years of experience, allowing him, since 2010 when he joined the group, to help lay the pillars for the evolution of the SIDOM GT platform as a leading world-class solution in Argentina with strong expansion in the region.

He was also in charge of the different certifications that the company obtained which today are the credentials that position us as a strategic technological partner of the large corporations, which choose us day by day.


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